I raped a car

So basically I was out shopping at Walmart to buy some more hemorrhoid cream for my asshole. After paying and exiting the store I just happened to stumble upon a beauty in the parking lot. A bright blue 2002 skyline gtr. I walked up to it, unable to believe what I was seeing. My cock hardened and began to throb as my eyes scanned its shiny coat of paint. Without thinking I dropped my groceries(and pants) to the floor and began shoving my steel hard cock into the hot metal exhaust and aggresively began fucking it. The combination of my warm jizz and the unburned fuel residue stained my dick black, while the heat of the freshly used pipe delivered 2nd degree burns to my cock almost instantaneously, but I didn’t care. I was in heaven. Nothing on this earth could ever deliver the amount of euphoria and raw sexual pleasure i was experiencing at this moment. I fucked the ever living hell out of that car like there was no tomorrow. That is, until people started to crowd around and give me wierd looks. They were saying things like “what the fuck” and “that’s disgusting”, a few of them even contemplated calling the police. Then, the owner of the car came storming out of the Walmart. He was furious, he yanked me away from the car while yelling, kicked me to the ground and curb stomped me in front of the entire crowd. Even my crush was watching i think. He then backed up the car and ran me over which broke 8 of my ribs then he drove back home. After the crowd of people disappeared I stumbled back home and cried in the shower for 2 days. AITA?

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