I raped a pigeon (part 3: I killed my neighbor)

Guys I fucked up, I’m in deep shit. My heart is fucking racing. Last week I paid my neighbor to fuck my pigeons so that they would leave me alone but I got really jealous and rageful so I knocked on his door and put an axe in his head.

It’s just that he kept fucking the pigeons on his balcony and I couldn’t take it anymore, cause they were my pigeons. It’s all so messed up he has a daughter and I don’t know what to do with the body before she gets home guys what should I do with the fucking body. I’m freaking out.

I binge orgied with all the pigeons after I killed him I missed them so much and they missed my cock but I need to deal with the body asap. I don’t understand why I’m so neurotic I think something’s wrong with me. How do I get rid of the body without a trace?

Edit: dearest pigeon fuckers, this is end of my story. I got off the hook and I’ve found eternal love with the pigeons.

Thank you all for your contributions and spin-offs.

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