I Replace “Exercise Bike” with Dick

My two cents on weight loss:

When it comes to being healthy and doing cardio, here’s the deal boys. You need to ENJOY working out. Me? I rode dick. I rode the shit out of that dick every day. And you know why? Because I enjoyed it. Not because I was disciplined or because it was easy (it kinda was), but because I loved it. It allowed me to go above and beyond, because I LOVED riding that dick. Indoors. In the AC. I live in Florida, and it’s hell on earth outside 24/7. It’s not fun to ride a dick out in the heat, at least for me. It’s humid, sweaty, hot, and I felt like everyone was looking at me because frankly I had never rode a dick before, let alone in public. I also hated running. Shin splints destroyed any enjoyment I may have gotten out of it. So, again, I rode dick. Let this be a lesson to you: If you enjoy it, do more of it.

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