I Ruined Thanksgiving.

I can’t believe what I did what I just did, I ruined my family’s thanksgiving! I was sitting on the couch and the turkey was on the kitchen counter ready to be cooked, I looked behind me and noticed how moist it was, and how tight the raw turkey ass looked. I couldn’t help but think how much pleasure I would get if I made out with it! So I walked up to it, unzipped my pants, and went to town on that bitch, it felt like fucking heaven having my dick in the raw, tight turkey ass! My sister walked in and saw me going to town, she told my parents and they both ran into the kitchen to see me fucking the thanksgiving turkey! I couldn’t stop fucking it though, it felt too good! I ruined my families thanksgiving and I think my parents are considering disowning me! I feel bad (and embarrassed), but I also don’t regret it.

#Ruined #Thanksgiving

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