I Saw Manatees Gang Rape A Crippled Manatee Once, Really

Manatees, the “Sea Cow”. They spend their lives grazing on seagrass in the clear waters off the shores of Florida. They are large, slow, and, no joke, I saw three big ones gang rape a crippled one at Seaworld one night when I was working there.

The Manatee is a solitary creature drifting along in the warm, peaceful shallows. They are not usually held in a small glass enclosure with tree other male manatees hellbent on the violent forced sex that I, for real, saw with my own eyes while alone one night at Seaworld, San Diego. A distant relative of the elephant, the manatee as a prehensile upper lip, which it uses to gather food. It also has a large penis. Let me tell you, it’s horrifying engorged and being thrust upon a runtish, unwilling and disabled manatee.

Classified as endangered, human boaters often cause serious wounds to manatees flippers, rendering it difficult to this one poor little rescue manatee to escape a large male manatee, intent on unwanted anal intercourse. Manatees emit a wide range of high-pitched sound to communicate with each other, usually during play, or presumably, to call out for help from the other two manatees in the exhibit when being ravaged. The sound is heard in their small earholes. The other two manatees did meander over, I assumed spurred by some rudimentary form of empathy to help their helpless brethren. This was incorrect.

When they got there, the two manatees (seriously, this actually happened) worked together, to hold the crippled one firm up against the glass of the enclosure to help the first manatee finally succeed in fucking it in the ass. Let me repeat that. The two manatees, I shit you not, worked in concert to hold the crippled one against the glass while the first one fucked him in the ass. One needed not to look in that little manatee’s cold, soul-sapped eyes to know this was not the fist time this had happened, nor would it be the last.

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