I saw my dad’s balls today 😐

Yes. HIS LITERAL TESTICLES. This image will never be erased from my memory as long as I live. I was eating and noticed it, and instantly lost my appetite over a very previously delicious meal. I couldn’t decide whether or not to tell him or pretend I didn’t notice and hope that he eventually noticed too. After long deep thought I went with the second option and he did in fact realize his balls were out and tucked them back in, all while oblivious to me dying inside. I laughed but I also pondered why the fuck people are so okay with wearing only underwear around family. Because in my opinion that’s weird. And then things like THIS happen. I know it’s not the end of the world but honestly it’s so gross to look and see your dad’s hairy ass balls resting on the couch while trying to eat a salad. That’s all. STOP WEARING NOTHING BUT UNDERWEAR AROUND YOUR FAMILY. 🤬

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