I shall not be present on Discord this eve

Esteemed gentlemen, I inform you with much joy in my spirit that I shall not be present on Discord this eve. I have arranged a meeting with a maiden (one whom is indisputably real) in exactly half an hour (I expect not for those reading this letter to understand such matters anyhow) therefore, I humbly request of you not to write to me inquiring as to my whereabouts (by the time you write to me I shall already be in the company of the mistress, understood) you can expect to find any letters you send turned to air as I shall be in the company of the mistress (once again, I expect not for you folk to understand) she truly is most smitten with me, therefore this affair is one I simply cannot refuse for the sake of a few measly Discord flapdoodles (as I shall be courting a maiden, not that ye would understand such matters) henceforth this shall become my life. One that involves actively seeking out the company of mistresses and refusing to allow my precious time dwindle to waste engaging in silly distractions such as the interweb, for I must take it upon myself to stray from such simple commodities so that I may expand my pastimes to those of greater value (ye would nigh understand)

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