I sharted in my history class

It was a humid spring day and I was on my last period in school. I remember having constant stomach issues that day because of something I had eaten the day prior to the incident. 10 minutes before the class ended, I suddenly got a strong urge to sneeze, so I took a tissue out and prepared to blow it away. When I was ready to release it, I felt my booty cheeks starting to contract and I knew that it was too late. Before I knew it I released the most wet, smelly, stinky, dinky, pinky, Twinkie putrid smelling shart. I was wearing white shorts, so everyone could see the wet and warm diarrhea slide down my bumbum. While panicking, I quickly got up to try and rush to the bathroom, but I ended up tripping and fell ,ass first, on top of my crush, who was trying to get away from me. I tried to apologize, but she started vomiting and committed suicide on the spot to escape the shit-smelling situation.

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