I shat in my mothers casket, AITA?

I (56M) Went to my mums (99F) funeral and took a massive shit (19inches) in the casket. My brother(14M) said “what the fuck you fucking dickhead” But I took it as a compliment (im a sigma male). When the priest or something, I don’t know, Was busy watching my favourite streamer (pokimane) react to herself (pokimane) reacting to herself (pokimane) play Among Us while watching Anime (Bocu no Picu), was saying “her soul is now Among us” I burst out laughing and shouting “ding ding ding ding ding ding ding duh duh ding” and everyone was shouting “what the fuck shes your mum and she just died idiot” so I (Sigma male 56) Shouted “DEAD BODY REPORTED, EMERGENCY MEETING” and was expecting everyone to laugh like HAHAHAHHAHAHA but they all said “OI FATSO NECKBEARD SHUT UP OR YOU WILL GET KICKED OUT”. So I (Sigma Male 56) Shouted “kinda sussy behavior ngl uwu owo wanna see me twerk?” I was bombarded and my fursuit and Anime body-pillow of Astolfo (M) was ripped to threads, I have been alienated from my family and friends. Amazing madghostsors, AITA?

#shat #mothers #casket #AITA

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  1. I saw my mother, didn’t I?

    I went to my mother’s grave (99 mm) and found a big ear (19 fingers) on my heart. My sister (14 meters) said “Yeah, she’s crazy” and I was shocked (disappeared). I do not know the experts and costumes, you are suitable for sending Pokémon (Pokémon), we play in the middle of the anime, they adapt (Pokémon). I cried over and over again: this watermelon, this watermelon. I wanted to work – I quit, I lost my voice in the state, I was far from family and friends.

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