I stole my moms glass d!ldo when I was 12, and used it until it broke.

**I don’t have proof if she found out**

EDIT ok so, alot of you in the comments have way too many questions. And I’m gonna be brutally honest:

1. Yes I cleaned it. But I was also deathly afraid of anyone noticing so I wrapped it in toilet paper, and shoved it up in my bra each time so I could nonchalantly go to the bathroom with it like that.
2. I never put it back. I kept it hidden deep in my room, hoping she would just think she misplaced it.
3. I was in 7th grade at 12. It was small, and my hormone driven t!ddies were big enough to conceal it.
4. It broke 5 years later.
5. 😮‍💨 Y’all wanna know exactly how it broke… I was spread eagle at my fking desk watching hentai, and I lost grip so it slid out and shattered on the floor.

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