I think I’ve perfected my BJ technique

I think I perfected my BJ technique. Thoughts?


I’ll preface by saying I love sucking cock, and probably suck about 5-10 cocks every week on average over the past 2 years. Usually strangers, however I do keep a stable of three guys that come for their weekly Sunday BJ. I probably gave those three guys 100 blowjobs each. This means I have a **wide sample of different preferences** (thanks to sucking at least 500 different dicks), and I also have a **deep knowledge** of how some guys like their cock sucked.

I think sucking cock is an art form, and very personal to every single cock sucker. However, I boiled down my **most successful BJs** to a few pointers that I hope you can learn from.

Fair notice, my personal kink is **volume and efficiency** – I love being able to milk a guy in under five minutes. These techniques might not be best adapted to those who prefer longer cock sucking sessions.

**Preparation work:**

– I make sure to ask an open question of “how do you prefer getting BJ’d”, and take notes. **Anything specific the guy mentions, you can use to your advantage.**

– I make sure to ask specifically whether the guy prefers **being blown standing up or laying down**. I found that that makes a huge difference in their ability to cum quickly and enjoy the process

– I ask them **where they prefer to ejaculate**. There is about an even split between throat cummers, mouth cummers, and face cummers. Regardless, if you ask the guy beforehand and let him cum in the way he told you he likes, he will absolutely enjoy that.

– I make sure to drink some water and, if available, juice, to **get a nice wet mouthfeel**

– If you have **lingerie, or a thong**, you can also wear those, especially if this is something the guy has asked for.

**The early phase, before full erection:**

– I start VERY slow, just waking up the cock with a few gentle strokes, feather-like. Just enough to **tickle the dick and get it going**. I don’t start sucking until the cock is at least half hard.

– Once the cock is hard enough to stand up, I start with the tip of my tongue **hitting the urethra and sliding down the frenulum**, while retracting the foreskin gently (with just two fingers). A few strokes up and down **should get the cock fully erect.**

**The main phase, prior to orgasm:**

– Once the cock is fully erect, I start performing **swirling motions with my tongueon the frenulum**, while keeping a **rather relaxed hand** at the base of the penis. I **don’t want to start the stroking motion yet**. The guy will enjoy the anticipation more than a forceful stroking at this stage.

– After I’ve gotten the tip of the cock nice and wet, I perform an initial deepthroat/gag. I do it as follows: **I stick my tongue out**, as far as I can, then shove the penis inside my mouth and down my throat, **as deep as I can get it**. Having my tongue out, in my experience, results in a much more pleasurable feeling for the guy, as it **reduces the space between the roof of my mouth and my tongue**, making everything feel tighter. I keep the cock in there for **as long as I can comfortably keep it**, without going too intense yet. **I don’t want to gag loudly yet**, that’ll be a nice intensity technique I keep for a bit later. The guy usually can tell by that point that I am a good deepthroater, and will feel a lot of excitement anticipating what comes next.

– This step is very important, in that it will **generate a lot of saliva**, and enable the next addition to the routine: vigorous stroking.

– If the guy is laying down, at this stage I will **make eye contact as I remove the cock from my throat**, and keep the eye contact as I **let out a long slippery rope of saliva down on his cock**. A slow drip is sexier that spitting, for most guys. If the guy is standing up, I will still make eye contact, however I spit the saliva in my hand.

– **I then distribute the saliva everywhere on his cock with my hands**, making it very slippery, and start the more vigorous phase of the blowjob: I **alternate between deepthroats/gags and vigorous stroking near the frenulum.**

– The vigorous stroking movement is concentrated at the top of the dick, near the frenulum, however for every motion I perform, I slightly close my hands towards the base, **as if I were milking a cow**. This gives the guy a clear indication I want his cum, and distributes the feeling all over his dick, giving a **fuller experience**.

– I initially perform **one 3-5 second deepthroat/gag for every 5 seconds** of stroking, however I **gradually increase the time between the deepthroats**, so that after 1-2 minutes I am stroking the cock for about 20 seconds straight, and then deepthroat for 3-5 seconds, then stroke for 20 seconds, etc. This takes care of an issue I had in the past where some guys will only cum during the deepthroat phase, while some other only cum during the stroking. **This way I can make sure to cover all preferences.**

**The pre-orgasm phase and orgasm phase:**

– After a few rounds of stroking and deepthroating, you should be able to perceive **one of two signs that your guy is about to blow his load: precum, and/or moaning.** Bear in mind, some guys precum earlier than others, so **be careful about interpreting precum as a sure-fire sign** that you’re almost done.

– Once you have a high level of certainty that your guy is ready to blow, this is the time to start increasing the intensity. However, you need to make an important decision at this stage:

* **If you’ve felt that the deepthroat/gag phase was the most pleasurable**, you will start engaging in a more vigorous deepthroat and pull the guy’s body towards you, encouraging him to facefuck you. If your guy is a deepthroat kind of guy, he will naturally release his load down your throat.
* **If you’ve felt that the stroking motion (usually stimulating the head and frenulum areas) is what got the best feedback from your guy**, you will start increasing the intensity of that part of the routine, and allocating a larger portion of your time to that portion.

– In any case, you will still alternate between deepthroating and stroking, but basically you need to **know where to allocate** more of your time to trigger the orgasm you are after, and **increase the intensity of that technique specifically.**

– **Very quickly, your guy should cum**. Again, you need to make a decision: **is he going to cum down your throat, in your mouth, or on your face**. Ideally, you’ve asked him before. If you aren’t sure, my favorite method is to **let him start cumming** wherever he happens to be cumming, i.e. if he starts cumming down your throat, let him start there. After 2-3 seconds of cumming there, move to the other position, i.e. if he starts in your throat, move his cock to your mouth while stroking him, and vice-versa. Orgasms last 5-10s. **This will ensure you cover all bases.**

**The post-orgasm phase:**

– **At no point during the BJ should you decide that your guy has had enough**. 99% of guys will stop you almost immediately after cumming, but **that isn’t your call to make.** Just start gradually reducing the intensity of your BJ, maybe giving him another few gentle deepthroats, a few more stroking motions, and make it **gentler and gentler and gentler, until he stops you.**

– If he does not stop you, then you might have a **multi-orgasmic cock in your mouth**, which feels amazing. Making a guy cum several times in a few minutes is great for the ego. In this case, simply give him a bit of time to rest, but do not stop sucking altogether. Keep decreasing the intensity until you reach a point where you are basically kissing the cock, tickling it, caressing it. Basically returning to the pre-erection phase. **Eventually you will be able to start the routine over.**

**Other important notes:**

– At all times during the BJ, **I perform three additional things:** keep a **sexy posture with my ass sticking out** (or if I am on my knees, I spread my knees apart and rest my ass on my feet), **stroke the guy with my free hand** (butt, thighs, balls) – this makes some of the more nervous guys more comfortable in letting their load go – and I **add some vocal cues** such as moaning, and asking the guy if he’s going to give me his cum. Together with the other elements of the routine, this really rounds up any formerly missing elements, as some guys will get in their own head and get nervous, preventing them from cumming.

– **Hygiene is very important even for the cocksucker** – make sure to brush your teeth and shower first. Even a small glimpse of uncleanliness can trigger a harsh turn-off from your guy and prevent you from achieving your goal.

– **Eye contact and auditory contact is very important**. Look at your guy in the eye as much as you feel comfortable doing so, add a few moans at **key moments** (like when the guy has achieved full erection or you start tasting some pre-cum), and, if you feel comfortable, **ask the guy for his cum**. A nice long moan, followed by “are you going to give me your cum today, I’ve been thinking about it the whole day” can boost your BJ.

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