I think my son used my fleshlight…

All 3 of my kids have known about sex toys for a while. They never used them of course, but over the years their questions lead to the toys and their mom and I gently explained them to the kids.

All 3 of them knew their mom and I had a toy or 2, they’d never seen them though except for my son. I never hid it really, just put it in my nightstand drawer. He found it like a year or so ago and it wasn’t a big deal.

The other day tho, it was kind of misplaced and it seemed like it had been used. It was kinda cold as if someone had washed/cleaned it, and it was still a bit wet, which I’m hoping was water.

I’m assuming curiosity got the best of him and my son used it and cleaned it out before returning it.

I’m not necessarily against it, as long as he enjoyed it. And I mean he’s at that age. I do wish he would’ve just asked me however because I probably would’ve just bought him his own.

Idk. Mixed emotions at the moment.

Anyone else deal with something similar? Any advice? Thanks guys.

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