I used to have anal with my pet racoon

I once had a pet racoon. You know how these things go, one day your just chilling stealing all your mums jewrelly, or brutally mugging the homeless can lead to those erotic behaviours. We were in my sisters room and he started taking a shit and I though could my phalice, my sword, my sheef, my chuck dickens, my frank and beans, my rumpleforeskin, could it fit up his butthole. Only one way to find, so right then and there with my extended family outside eating lunch I planted my magic wand, oh and it was magic. I splooged all in the little racoons mouth and he ate it like he was never going to eat again. Then every day from then on I would sexually violate my racoon and he would slurp up my exports like a can of dry beans. Then my family found out from the excess amounts of seaman and the loud moans (from the racoon). They sent me to a facility and I never saw my racoon again. People from school made fun of me but I knew they were just jelous that they would never connect with another thing on such a deep level.

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