I want to date a military girl.

Damn, I honestly don’t want to deny this any longer. I want to date a military girl. A normal girlfriend is nice and all, but does she know how to fire a weapon? Does she know all the latest equipment of the army? Didn’t think so. I want my girl to know better than to call magazines clips. She doesn’t give a fuck about clips or whatnot. She doesn’t use make-up, cuz they do not give any advantage. Only make up she would wear is camouflage masking. She knows she looks hot as fuck without makeup. I know that too. And all that training in the military isn’t for nothing. She is strong as FUCK. If I were jumped by two motherfuckers with knives, she’d dispatch the knife-wielding maniacs, and whisper: “Tango down.” into my ear, as she holds me tight to assure me we aren’t under fire anymore. Not to mention that we both love firearms. Our evenings would consist of heated arguments like whether the AK or the AR rules the assault rifle world. All in all, I really fucking want to date and marry a military girl.

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