I want to rape John Hincley

I want to rape John Hincley. I’m a normal person. I’m perfectly fine. I do not harm others. I do not desire to harm others. Any crimes I may or may not be guilty of involve only myself. I transgress only against myself.

But Ronaldo McDonald Reagan appeared to me in a vision and told me to rape John Hincky. Just push him down and pound his elderly ass. Plunge the depths of his ancient bussy in the name of American capitalism. Buckbreak him as no buck has ever been broken before.

You don’t understand. It is be all consuming. You don’t get it. Imagine god existed and he gave you a list, a duty. Imagine he gave you just one directive. Difficult, but completely accomplishable.

Imagine god told you that to get to heaven, to taste the sweetest fruits of salvation all you had to do was one thing. Would you not do everything in your power to accomplish it? Would it not give your life such a purpose? An arrow loosed from a bow? Bullet fired from a gun? A singular direction, the thrumming battery of the heart beating for this one goal.

Now stop imagining that because it actually happened. My heaven- my salvation lies in the abduction and interminable rape of John Warnock Hinckley Jr. God is an American, drives a silver thunderbird, lives in Texas, and told me to rape Johnny Hinely.

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