I want to stop being gay

Hi I’m gay. Or perhaps I should say, I was. Hope anyone who is gay won’t be offended by how I feel, but I dislike the phrase “coming out of the closet.” Recently, an acquaintance of mine posted about his coming out story on Facebook, so it inspired me:

Any gay person can open a closet door and come out of it. But me? I’ll pulverize the door, obliterating the closet and whatever’s inside of it.

Long story short: I’m sick of being gay. If anyone else is gay, I’m cool with that. But for me, it’s a cancer that I want to get rid of.

I figured trying NoFap would be a good first step towards that goal, because for me, masturbation and sexual thoughts tend to feed each other.

Fighting against one’s sexuality is impossible? All the more reason for me to do so. I will face this challenge as one determined to conquer my body’s desires, not as weakling who begs for their mercy.

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