I want Venom to breed me.

Oh god. I can’t deny it any longer, I want Venom to breed me so badly. Everytime I think about his giant hulking figure, so dark and tall and menacing, I pee white a little. Venom can put that “adrenaline momentum” to use in this pussy. I wonder if his cock and semen are as black and thick as his skin. I don’t care if he eats me alive afterwards, I just want him to plunge his big black symbiote wiener into me without mercy. He can beat this pussy like he’s beating Peter Parker (who’s a virgin incel compared to Venom btw.) Oh, and don’t get me started about his sloppy wet tongue. That thing is long enough to yank both of my ovaries out of my uterus, which would be fine tbh, because then I could take even more cum from my giant black symbiote daddy. God I love Venom, my pussy cries white tears every night because I know I’ll never get to be his little human fleshlight.

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