I was caught trying to steal a piano ☹️

The plan was going so well, I stayed after school until the teacher left the band classroom and we got to work. I opened the big garage door and started to move the piano into my friends truck. While we were lifting it into the back a custodian walked in and started asking what we were doing. We put the piano down and told her we told her that we replacing it. She left the classroom and came back in with an administrator, who was still at the school an hour after! We knew that this wasn’t going to end well so we both got in the truck and started to leave, to our surprise the gate to the school was closed! 😤 The administrator ran up to the driver door yelled at us to come with him. By this point he had one of the resource officers with him so needless to say we both our buttholes were TIGHT. The administrator looked up our parents numbers and had us call them! Because it was after school hours we were technically trespassing which meant they could have had us arrested but we’re just too cool i guess 😎. He said that he would call our parents over zoom tomorrow because he’s “sick of this tik tok shit”. Im hyped for the verdict!!! 😁

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