I will destroy you.

After a quick deliberation on what you just typed to me, I have ultimately decided to eliminate you from existence. Watch out.

First, I will obtain your address from a single pixel of your bedroom from the selfie you foolishly posted online, fool. Following that, I will buy 10 tonnes worth of explosives and military firepower from the Bangladeshi army(I am left bankrupt and homeless). This is done to flex my bank account and to assert dominance on your pathetic self.

Next I will decide to send a nuclear missile to North Korea as a gift(for my amusement), they will be so excited until they completely combust themselves and their whole country, weaklings. After my maganimous contribution, I will proceed to your house and do the funne. Stick some dynamite up your ass. Completely blow up the entire United States. Stuff like that.

That is what you will suffer after typing such horrendous mockery of the English language to me. I am shocked, but you will be even shockeder when you explode, then you won’t be shocked because you’ll be dead. Enjoy the next 10 seconds.


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