I wish I wasn’t gay so I could stop getting turned on by “deez nuts” jokes.

It almost never fails. My best friend I got back home after baseball and he hit me with his infamous deez nuts jokes again. I hate that I fall for most of them and I hate how he delivers the punchline so sensually. “Imagine Dragon deez nuts across your face.” “Deez nuts in your mouth” “Howsma cock feel in your mouth.” “Stigma dick in your ass.” At some point the jokes don’t even make sense like “Let me stuff my cock down your throat.” “Suck on my fat juicy nuts.” Instead of me finding it funny, I just get turned on instead. I’m like “go ahead bitch I’m waiting.” It’s like that meme “jokes on you I’m into that shit.” It’s worse when we’re sweaty, naked, adrenaline still pumping in the locker rooms after a game right before a shower and he pulls out his wonderful jokes. It’s like he’s *trying* to make me hard on purpose. I’m almost certain he knows what he’s doing. But I kinda love it. I joke back with him too and he falls for mine but I still feel a lot of sexual tension. How could you look another man in the eyes and say “I’m gonna stuff my cock down your throat.” without someone getting a hard-on.

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