I would like to buy a video

Basically 2-3 minute vid

Firstly what shoes ya got ? Any nikes Adidas converse air max flats?


Walk into the room like you’ve been out on a run exercising and show face

(Make sure the bug is on a table in front of you also have a bottle of water or a glass of drink on the table)

Walk up and sit down, kick your shoes off and rest barefeet in the table

Then show your feet all over up close and then spot bug on the table

Show face and say eww gross is that you Kieran? Pathetic little loser your nothing! Beg me not to squish you! Pick up the bottle of water or drink and slam it down on the bug to squish me and twist the bottle or glass (try make me stay alive though)

Then have a drink of your drink and flick me off the table to the floor and slide your shoes back on

Then get close to bug and hard stomp and twist foot

Then show me squished up close and and the sole of your shoe

Then scrape me up with tissue and throw me down toilet and flush

Could ya do all that for 65? Xx

#buy #video

What do you think?

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  1. a man on kik asked me to do this one year ago on this day. if i ever find kieran again i don’t know what i will say to him but he has brought so much laughter into my life. thank you kieran.

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