iDK wHy YOuR bEiNg dOwNvOtEd

Wow winner! Welcome to the random hill I always die on here on Madghosts and will always call it out…you have now been chosen to be apart of it today. The comment you just replied to it literally less than 24 minutes old. 24 FLIPPIN MINUTES OLD.

Edit: it’s now 45 minutes old with 35 upvoted

And you are ALREADY commenting “iDK wHy YOuR bEiNg dOwNvOtEd”. It’s less then half an hour old, as I look at it right now it has 5 upvotes with you whining already below it.

The reason it *seems* downvoted is because…surprise…you are just completely and utterly impatient af! You don’t give comments the proper window of opportunity to get evaluated or judged by the public properly before chiming in instantly because one automatic little default downvote sent you off on a mini tangent forcing you to defend them against a flurry of downvotes…when in reality…this is not at all the case. It’s a positively upvoted comment with you complaining about downvotes that are nonexistent.

Drives me fucking nuts. Y’all seriously need to learn to be patient around here I do not get it. Thanks for listening.

#iDK #dOwNvOtEd

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