If Nikola Tesla was a genius, why did he fall in love with a pigeon?

Do you know any other meaning of love apart from sex?

Don’t you love you dog, cow, cat, etc? Haven’t you talk to them?
Don’t you love your motherland? Haven’t you promised anything to her?

You want a genius to be mechanical with no soul? What made you believe that a genius has to follow some code of conduct? If yes, such so-called geniuses will be very boring and really insane.

He was depressed due to the realization of amount of corruption that mankind was doing against humanity. Science is no longer about nature, it started diverting towards profit and humans are treated as guinea pigs for the industries.

One has to be alive and sensitive enough to realize this. Those who supported such paradigm shift had no soul, hence highly sane as per the society.

Rebellious people were very much ”insane” as per the norms of the masses. If you reject the holy theory of relativity, most physicists may call you idiot, crackpot, and many other four letter words. Just search such question on Quora and note how most physicists start answering such questions.

What is the contribution of the questioner to the mankind? Better be a Pavlov’s dog.

To all those who saying loving pigeons is an act of insanity should immediately remove their tear glands through surgery. Because if tomorrow any of their beloved ones dies, and if they cry, then it will prove them as hypocrites and insane.

The questioner lacks an emotional understanding or it was asked by a robot – the most sane creature.

It’s hard to remain sane in this insane world.

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