If Papyrus doesnt return in Deltarune I’m genuinely going to kill myself.

I’m serious. This isn’t a joke. I’m actually going to do it. Papyrus was the best character in Undertale, and still is, and I have very high hopes for his appearance in later chapters in Deltarune. Sans told us that we will see Papyrus once Asriel returns home. But there is a theory that Asriel is actually dead, so Sans is alluding to the fact that, since Asriel will never return home – we will never actually see Papyrus in Deltarune. Because Deltarune is edgy and all and Papyrus is pure. That theory fucking traumatises me. I literally can’t live with the fact that it’s actually possible that this son of a bitch (literally) Toby Fox can make this plot twist possible, just to mess with us. Just to mess with our feelings. Just to mess with MY feelings. Undertale helped me a lot through my darkest moments of my life. I played it when I changed schools, and began getting bullied by my entire class. But every time I returned home and seen Papyrus on screen – I couldn’t help but smile. He single-handedly lead me through my darkest times and helped me survive school. But now, after 2 chapters of hyping up Papyrus’ appearance in Deltarune, there is a big chance of it NOT ACTUALLY HAPPENING. Just for the sake of a stupid plot twist. If it actually happens then my heart would be completely and utterly broken. I’m actually going to end my life, since it’s only light could be taken away anytime. And if it will then I just won’t be able to continue anymore.

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