if the joker could beatbox…

Now to say what “beat-boxing” is, it’s an imitation of sound waves, typically in a musical tone, to impersonate said music. We then bring in a popular DC villain that rivals Batman, the Joker, who was introduced on April 25th, 1940. The Joker is known for his maniacal actions and laughter, so there’s reasons as to why he’s popular.

The YouTuber “80Fitz” uploaded this video on December 14th, 2017 titled “IF THE JOKER COULD BEATBOX…” and the video duration is 1 minute and 25 seconds (1:25). Of course, if you’re a fan of the Joker, you’d obviously click on this video.
Now, the whole point of this video is to see if 80Fitz could capture the Joker’s character and to make imitations of music using your mouth, or beatbox.

80Fitz starts a whole routine to show how the Joker could beatbox. If you’ve known Joker well enough, then you’d know his laughter is iconic and the line said “Why so serious?”, which came from the famous flick “The Dark Knight”, which came out on July 18th, 2008 is also iconic.

To break down this vid, at 0:02, we are greeted with laughter, to imitate the Joker’s laughter.

Then at 0:06, the iconic line “Why so serious?” moves in right after the laughter.

We then receive another “Why so serious?” at 0:19, after a brief 13 seconds of beatboxing.

The beatboxing then continues, and then at 0:30, another “Why so serious?” plays again.

Immediately after, we didn’t expect to hear a merge of the famous Joker laughter and normal beatboxing at 0:33.

A short pause between the laughter/beatbox that starts at 0:42 and ends at 0:45 to continue the laughter/beatbox combo.

Many short pauses come after 0:46, and then at the end of the beatbox, 80Fitz repeats the previous line of “Why so serious?” that got followed right after by a noise and gun shot imitation at 0:56.

The video then ends with 80Fitz thanking the viewer for watching “IF THE JOKER COULD BEATBOX…” at exactly 1:01 and asks if they would want to see the routine set up to imitate the Joker, but in terms with beatboxing, in the comment section below said video. 80Fitz then closes out the video, and now we have our conclusion.

The 1 minute and 25 second video above this studious comment showed how and if the Joker could beatbox. Since 80Fitz implemented many elements relating to Joker’s character, and showed it neatly in his published video, we can conclude and say that this is what the Joker would sound like if he could beatbox.

– The Joker would definitely sound like this video’s audio if he could beatbox.
– Batman would most likely be impressed with Joker’s skills, if he could beatbox.

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