“If you know, you know.”

“If you know, you know” No in fact I don’t fucking know. Is this the new highest form of comedy? Just implying a joke instead of actually telling it? Do I have to solve a sudoku puzzle or browse a hundred porn tabs just to get your braindead reference from a madghosts-tier joke? Is that what’s funny nowadays? Y’all are motherfucking stupid. “OOOH I’LL MAKE A FUNNY REFERENCE!!” Pal, are you aware that for a punchline to work it actually has to have a joke attached to it? Or is your funny reference to hentai or some bumfuck game people haven’t played since 2016 supposed to be the joke itself? I’m done with you cretins. Reading the comic strips in the sunday paper is more rewarding than this blatant tomfoolery. Imagine you go to a restaurant and instead of bringing out your food, they just “imply” it to you? You’d feel cheated huh? Then maybe you should go back to whatever middle school playground you get your jokes from and work on your comedy routine from the ground-up. Peace out.

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