If you think about it, squidward would be a very efficient gay prostitute.

Where to fuckin begin? 8 arms. 8 dicks. Same time. Not persuaded? He also has a mouth. The guy can work 9 men at the same time. 8 20$ handjobs plus the one Guy getting a 50$ blowjob earns him 210$ in one session. But we’re not even done yet. 100$ to get butt fucked by a 10th guy, that’s 310$ in one session! Dick shaped nose goes up a guys ass, another 10$ there, actual dick goes up a guys ass, an easy 25$. And considering most men cum in under 5 minutes? He could have SO many of these orgies a day. He can basically earn as much as he wants to. Shit, he has countless suction cups on his tentacles. Put those babies on some nipples 5$ a minute? Man. Squidward my Guy, if you were smarter you could afford to move yourself way the fuck away from spongebob. Now that I think about it, you know how many holes spongebob has?? Need I say more?? Imagine squidward and spongebob teaming up, they could fuck SO. MANY. DUDES. I’m talking a million dollar gay prostitution EMPIRE. And with how absorbent spongebob is? Pshh. Talk about bukkake king. Use your fucking head squidward.

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  1. I wrote this high on shrooms idk if it counts as copypasta. I also realize my squid anatomy is a bit off, as it turns out they have eight arms and two tentacles.

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