“if you’re for vaccines you’re my enemy”

I don’t care if you’re a 17 year old girl or an 81 year old man I’m letting you know and I won’t be nice,

You’re going to have to hide that opinion around me sorry,

Because if I hear or see you publicly support this policy that takes my fucking rights away for not getting this forced vaccine,

I’m going Jorge Masvidal on your ass.


I will SHAKE your little sheltered world,

I will MAKE SURE you fucking HEAR what I have to say,

I will OPPOSE you and put you in a position to react to me,

I WILL make you HIGHLY fucking uncomfortable…

Because we’ve been EXTREMELY fucking nice to you for just about 2 fucking years and now the consensus is we’re DONE. The PM wants to push the travel bans into the summer and he thinks it’ll fly under the radar.

WELL IT FUCKING WON’T. I’m a patient guy! I waited for the PM to cooperate with us a little longer than I should have. I’ll wait a little more, but mark my words if the travel bans go through the summer…

All hell will break loose, and the protests that happened in Niagara last week that held your ass up in traffic for 2 fucking hours and made you piss & cum buckets on Madghosts will be baby cakes to what comes next.

My advice to you mandate supporters…CUT YOUR LOSSES now and stop advocating these policies, it’s not worth the push back you double chinned feeble cunts are inevitably going to get.

#youre #vaccines #youre #enemy

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