I’m a man and a pervert

Hi, i confess I’m a man and a pervert.

Have i checked out a woman on the street?
Yes I have. Here’s the conundrum though to what extent it is alright to check out a woman, how much attention is too much attention?

Though i am a pervert i would like to be a decent pervert. This is what i follow:

I notice a woman who I find attractive, I will most likely do a once over just a quick glance to take in the entire picture. Then i might look for finer details things that are unique and that i find attractive.

This doesn’t always have to be tits and ass, sometimes it’s just the woman’s hair, her legs, at times her fingers or just her lips.

This does not mean that I’m committing her image to memory and staring at her for 10 min, its a glance nothing more than 5 to 10 seconds.

Now there’s something that I do feel awfully guilty about. I’ve been checking out women ever since puberty. As I’ve aged my preference has changed a lot, I don’t mean to say that I’m only physically attracted older women but I’m not looking for “teenagers”. There’s a but though…

Every now and again i do notice a younger woman who might be in her 20s or I hope in her 20s that i notice and check out. I worry that sometimes the woman in question may be a girl. That’s something that often will turn me off and make me guilty.

Also, if a woman does notice me noticing her I not stare at her and make her uncomfortable that’s not part of my enjoyment. I just like to appreciate the physical form of a woman and move on with whatever I’m doing. And I’ve noticed women do the same, I’ve seen them checking me and other men out as well.

Also it’s not about the clothes that you wear that’s a major misconception. As a pervert i can confirm that clothes have very little to do with it.

My advice to you would be to wear whatever you are comfortable wearing. Don’t change your behavior because of things that others do or think. Enjoy being comfortable with yourself.

IMPORTANT: And should you ever feel uncomfortable or unsafe because of unwanted attention follow this:

1) Locate the closest Woman around you the more elder the better. Tell them what you feel and ask them to escort you out of that location.

2) if you’re unable to do the above take out your phone get on a call with someone you trust. Ensure that anyone looking at you gets the message that you’re not alone.

3) ONLY IN CASES OF ESCALATION: Confront get your phone out start video recording threaten to expose them / report them to the police. Create a scene.

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