I’m in the CP world for 4 months. Help, please.

It all started in the middle of november. Look, I’m a normal guy, and really trying to get off from this mess. I know is technically illegal and if the right person decide to sue me (or make me responsible) I’m fucked.

The first time I received something related to CP
was in 2010 or 2011. Some freak posted a video in Twitter, and I did what at the time I considered “the right thing”: report the post and pretend I never saw it.

Then 2017 came with all that mess involving Disney empolyees and shit, and I confess that made me
curious. I mean, people losing jobs, you know: it had to be good. But life followed ok until the end of 2022. An old friend of mine, Carl (fake name, of course) sent me a link. Supposedly was a surface site, but with hosted on Deep Web or something like that. It wasn’t the original stuff, but I have to say, the experience, oh man.

I’m not lying when I say that I felt myself as a kid again, browsing through the forums.

I became addicted to it. I would everyday turn my computer on and log into the site. I live with my parents, so of course I locked the room. Wouldn’t be able to explain to them if I was caught accessing that kind of stuff.

Then I fucked everything up for the first time. I shared with some other friend of mine, Dale. The problem is that motherfucker snitch told my boss about it, and of course, he fired me, but did agree to not say a word “l’Il give you another shot in life, but never step a foot in this company again”.

My life after that just got more and more screwed. I decided to post this here because I really need help. I can’t stay away from that shit, even my freedom being at risk. I’m posting this from a Fake account, but accepting advice on my DM. I REALLY need to stop playing Club Penguin. Please, help.

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