I’m Jason, and I gave 750โ‚ฌ to my neighbour to fuck a pigeon.

i paid my neighbour to fuck a pigeon. i gave him the following options: 500$ to fuck a pigeon, 750$ to do it raw and he chose the second one.

i got so horny and decided to spy him through their bathroom’s window. as he proceeded to unzip his pants to reveal his big black long cock, i heard someone ring the doorbell: i opened the door furiously masturbating to the pigeons, but the fbi called by the neighbourhood in front of my house weren’t happy about it.

i told them the secret about the pigeons, and now the fbi squad is spying trough the window with me and we’re all happily masturbating, hoping one day we can have the chance to have a massive fucking orgy with the sexy pigeons ๐Ÿฅต

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