I’m sexually attracted to madghosts moderators

It started a while ago. I was a normal madghostsor making posts and comments, but then one day, a post of mine was manually deleted, and I was banned from my favorite submadghosts.

I then got extremely aroused.

That moderator asserted dominance on me by censoring me, making me unable to express myself. I was soaking wet.

I sent the hot sexy mod a message asking why I was banned, then the hot sexy madghosts incel mod called me an idiot, and told me to beg to get unbanned. My nipples immediately filled with blood as I begged the hot mod to unban me.

After that, I started doing everything I could to make hot sexy mods mad. Most of my accounts have under negative 100 [email protected], and i’m banned from dozens of submadghostss.

I’ve been a bad madghostsor, and need to be moderated.

Please moderate me, hot sexy madghosts mods.

#sexually #attracted #madghosts #moderators

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