I’m sexually attracted to tone deaf by eminem

It all started around a year ago, when the song came out. Ironically I wasn’t much of a Eminem fan, but hearing people say that the song was ass made me, to say the least, extremely interested. So I get the link, play the video, turn the volume around half way, and already I can feel my dick getting hard. The beat of tone deaf channels something into my dick that I cant explain. I feel a sexual connection with the bass that makes me furiously want to dry hump my chair whenever I get the chance. Then the lyrics. Eminem’s voice in this is so fucking sexy. He delivers everything better then any model, influencer, or whatever you can think of could. i dont care if it makes me gay, but i was already on the verge of releasing the fattest nut I’ve ever taken. Then, the infamous “I can rhyme orange with banana” verse came. At that point I had finally let loose, cum spewing everywhere as if it was a projectile, raining down from the ceiling like a steamy, sticky, and disgusting rainfall. When eminem said his best line yet, “bornana”, I audibly moaned and started furiously quenching my dick.


It’s been a year since then, and my obsession for this song has become extreme. I’ve been evicted from my home because I’ve been so focused on this song I can’t pay the rent. I’ve been banned from family gatherings because all I can do is listen to tone deaf, and I even cummed on the thanksgiving turkey. All I have left in life is a cardboard box and a laptop, which plays tone deaf 24/7. I lounge around anywhere with charge cables, especially train stations, accidentally cumming on nearby people until I get arrested, but it’s all worth it, I’ve finally reached the ultimate pleasure life can give, god bless Eminem.

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