I’m tired of sleeping in the couch

Within the last few months my husband, who appears to have sexsomnia, has been putting me in a chokehold almost every other night in his sleep when he spoons me. He has absolutely no recollection of doing anything in his sleep.

Now dont get me wrong, I’m a somnophiliac (and I also enjoy being choked during awake sex) so I originally found this to be a match made in heaven. We had 9nly just recently moved in together from an LDR on January so this had never occurred in the 6 years we’vebeen together.

When this all began I originally started to pull the ‘Big Ed maneuver’ where I squish my chin down into my neck so he doesn’t get my windpipe. But it’s become such a constant annoyance that I’ve allocated myself to sleeping on the couch.

This is my apartment, my name on the lease, my furniture from my family home, so it’s seriously pissing me off that I can’t even sleep in the bed I’ve been sleeping in for the past 3-4 years before I moved. I’m damn near close to just strapping him into the bed Christopher Crawford style just to sleep. Next time this happens, I’m kicking his ass to the couch because this is bullshit.

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