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Yikes. So, let’s unpack this. First off, you do realize (obvious statement), right? (mental illness) is lifelong and cannot be cured. Take your meds. (popular opinion), CMV. (reference resulting in comment chain of film/TV script or song lyrics). (unfunny out of context sexual joke). +1 for Oxford comma. AFAIK… As a POC, autistic, latinx, neurodivergent, queer, and trans individual… Bingo! DAE (something everyone experiences)? Ding, ding, ding! Do you have a source for this? ELI5: (question you can google)? Found the ableist, ageist, anti-semitic, atheophobic, cissexist, colorist, classist, bigoted, biphobic, disabled, elitist, fascist, fatphobic, heterosexist, homophobic, interphobic, islamophobic, racist, misogynistic, sexist, tokenist, transphobic, and xenophobic incel. I didn’t know (something everyone does) was a (mental illness) thing! This makes *so* much more sense now. I’m (unimportant person that does unimportant thing), AMA. I’m literally shaking right now. I’m losing all faith in humanity. IIRC… IMHO… It’s almost as if… It’s called being a decent human being. Just shut up and listen. Le Fancy Word™. Listen here, buddy. Maybe, just maybe… My (69M) partner (420F) (fake story), AITA? No problem, friendo! Oh boy… Oh sweet summer child… Oh, sweetie… So I combed through your history and… That’s a *huge* red flag, OP. Get therapy, ASAP. Oh, and break up while you’re at it. PSA: (common sense). That’s problematic. The title is misleading. This is misleading. This! So much this! TIL that (boring fact). Unpopular opinion, but (popular opinion). Who hurt you? Wow… Just, wow. YSK that (common knowledge). You are *so, so* valid! Don’t let *anyone* bring you down, OP. You heard it here first, folks! Also, your argument contains the following fallacies: **ad hominem, ambiguity, anchoring, anecdotal, appeal to authority, appeal to emotion, appeal to nature, availability heuristic, backfire effect, bandwagon, barnum effect, begging the question, belief bias, black-or-white, burden of proof, bystander effect, composition/division, confirmation bias, declinism, dunning-kruger effect, false cause, framing effect, fundamental attribution error, genetic, groupthink, halo effect, in-group bias, just world hypothesis, loaded question, middle ground, no true scotsman, optimism bias, personal incredulity, placebo effect, reactance, slippery slope, special pleading, strawman, sunk cost fallacy, the fallacy fallacy, the gambler’s fallacy, the texas sharpshooter, and tu quoque.** Thus, I am right, you are wrong, and **YOU ARE NOT WELCOME HERE.** Let that sink in. /c /cb /f /g /gen /hj /hyp /j /l /lh /li /ly /m /nbh /nc /neg /nm /nsx /nx /p /pc /pos /r /rh /rt /s /srs /sx /t /th /x TL;DR: (restating entire post). (Sorry for the bad grammar, it’s because of my ADHD, OCD, CPTSD, anxiety, autism, bipolar disorder, depression, insomnia, and schizophrenia.) Edit: Grammar. Edit 2: Thanks for the Gold, kind stranger!

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