Institutionalized racism has ruined my sex life

So I grew up in the hood with a black family, when I was 13 the cops found out my dad was black and shot him right in front of me and it kind of turned me on, I instantly came on him while he was dying of shot (I don’t wear pants cause I live in the hood and can’t afford them) ever since then I couldn’t jerk off with out thinking about him gasping for air like a fish out of water, girls don’t even turn me on anymore unless their 7 foot tall black men that look like my dad, but now don’t even get turned on by that unless their coughing blood and begging for death so I guess the only way I will ever loose my virginity is if another innocent black man is shot by the police and left to bleed out.

and that is how my sex life was ruined by institutionalized racism AMA

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