Yo I’m a black ni**a, born and raised in da hood but this guy got a point yo!

I had nothing but my goofy ahh uncle. We were dirt poor eating shit for days. I educated myself, got me a job starting from the bottom worked my way up, went to classes to get more qualifications, now I’m a qualified pimp and get more bitches than anyone alive.

Stop using the “sir I’m 12, please stop hitting my ribcage with a metal bar 🤓” as an excuse for your lazy ass ways, playing the victim.

Wake the fuck up and get a job stop blaming others ni**a. I was born into nothing but gang banging.

Got arrested at 4 years old, sent to all sorts of places until I realised it was my ass not doing the shift so don’t blame others when you should be looking in the mirror, cause I’m not even gonna lie, you ugly asf.

Look at Dr Dre. He was a guy from Compton now a fucking a billionaire (multiple actually)

Stop using excuses like “sir I’m 12 please get out of my walls 🤓” and “sir I didn’t even drop the soap 🤓”


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