Internship at Mihoyo

I did an internship at mihoyo and had the opportunity to work on genshin impact. I was testing the digestive juices that were to be added to the game. Everything was going well until I started working on Sucrose’s juice. After working on the juice for a few weeks, I noticed something was wrong. The juice was heavier and darker than the other juices and had a very strange smell. The smell was so intense that I had to mix it in a separate room. When I was doing animal testing, it seemed to act very strange on them. The animals that drank the juice began to behave strangely and make strange noises. One day while I was working on the juice, I felt a strange pain in my stomach. I thought it was just a stomach ache, so I didn’t do anything. But the pain grew worse and I finally felt something was wrong. I venture into the toilet and noticed that my body was full of dark spots. The stains were so dark it was hard to see. I felt something was wrong and decided to see a doctor. It turned out that the dark spots on my body were Sucrose juice that had penetrated my body and began to digest it. Doctors told me that I had to stop drinking the juice immediately and start treatment, otherwise I might die. After a few weeks of treatment and rehabilitation, I was able to recover. I don’t know what would have happened to me if I had not contacted the doctor. However, I know that Sucrose’s juice is very dangerous and must not be drunk.

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