islamic army in iraq copypasta

I Am Not A Criminal, I Am Not Bloodthirsty
I Just Defend Our Land You Invaded, Defend Our Children Whom You Stole Their Happiness And Their Right To Live In Peace.
If You Came As Visitors We Would Make You Leave Happily.
Yet, If You Come As Invaders, We Will Make Your Families Pay For What You Did To Our Families.
Your Mothers Should Wail At Your Deaths Just Like Our Mothers Have Had To.
I Promise Never To Miss My Targets.
I Have Saved A Sniper’s Bullet As Revenge For Each Mother Who Lost Her Son.
I Will Never Forget The Scene Of Shayma The 14 Year-Old Girl Falling Dead As A Result Of Your Sniper’s Bullet.
I Wonder If I Would Have To Use All Of My Bullets Or I Will Keep Them In My Cupboard With A Note Saying :
“The Message Was Received And The Americans Saved Their Sons”

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