It was rape.

It was rape. Do not joke about rape. You are exactly what is wrong with this world. You should always trust what a woman says, they do not lie or ever make things up for attention. I am disgusted by your words. You call it an experience? She calls it trauma. You wouldn’t understand. How would you like to have a guy from Ottawa come over and put it in you, only the next day you realize that you look like a slut and you feel bad so you start regretting it? That’s what I thought. You could never even fit his dick in the first place, yet you say it was just an experience when it was a rape. The police don’t conduct rape investigations or have rape kits at all so what else can you do but post on social media about it and ~~pretend~~ ~~claim~~ confirm yourself as a victim? Other girls are embarrassed that they let in a guy hundreds of kms away just to fuck them so why shouldn’t 2? You have no empathy for her at all and I am disappointed in you.


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