It’s Bucket Time

Delete The Stanley Parable immediately and don’t touch it for at least 10 years. I am dead serious. I had this bug too and it only gets worse from there. At first, he only said the line when I took the bucket but then he randomly started to say it instead of other lines too. At first, I thought it was kind of funny but eventually he said only it’s bucket time, nothing else. So I closed the game and went to the kitchen to make some food. My mom was there. She looked me in the eyes and said “It’s bucket time!”.

All blood left my face. I used headphones, how would she know about this?


“It’s bucket time!”

“Mom, stop that’s not funny.”

“It’s bucket time.

I left the room. This started to creep me out. I went to the garage where my father was working on our car.

“Dad, I think something is wrong with mom. She…”

“It’s bucket time!”

I ran. I just freaked out. Is this a dream? Is this what it feels like to go crazy? I see the bus standing at the bus stop. I could take a ride to my grandmother at the other end of the city.

“One ticket, please”, I asked the bus driver.

He leans forward and looks me deep in the eyes. His lips turn into a slimy smile. With a gruff voice, he whispered: ” It’s bucket time.”

“No.. NO!”, I scream while stumbling backward out of the bus.

I ran down the street but could hear the bus slowly following me. I didn’t dare to look behind me until I started to hear it. A chanting. “It’s bucket time. It’s bucket time. It’s bucket time.”

The whole neighborhood is coming out of their houses and follows me while repeating it.

The church!

I know that nobody is in the church today, since the pastor is on vacation. I kick in the front door and immediately barricade it with chairs and benches.

I hear people hammering against the door while manically screaming: “It’s bucket time. It’s bucket time.”

I hear windows breaking so I run to the church tower. I ran up the stairs and through a hatch. I hear them following me. I look around in panic to find something to barricade the hatch with, but there was only one object in the room.. a bucket. The world around me started to spin and I couldn’t help but start laughing.. laughing about the bucket.

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