It’s finally fall


ITS FINNALLY FALL🌬🍁🍂. You know what that means! Jump ⬆️⬆️in the PILE👬👭👫because it’s 🚨CUFFING🚨 ⛓🔑🔒season. Time to SPREAD⬅️➡️🤸‍♀️ your LADY 🫦LEAVES🍂🍁 and FALL 🙇‍♀️on this DICK🍆🍆. But don’t forget to WRAP🤞 up! It’s SWEATER weather 🧥🧣🧤for a reason. The pumpkin 🍑❓ CREAMPIEs💦 may be SPICY🌶☕️, but you DONT ‼️🙅‍♀️want an early 🤰SCARE 😰before THIS⬇️🕓 SPOOKY 👻season. So light 🔥your fall 🍃SCENTS🌿🤔, take a hay RIDE🚜🌾 on this DICK😤, and BEND OVER 😳and BOB⬆️⬇️🧎‍♀️for apples🍎🍏. If you want to RAKE🧹 in BITCHES👯‍♀️ this year, SEND🔜 THIS to 10 😍potential CUFFED-up CUMmers💦😩 OR ELSE ‼️🫣you’ll be drinking FAPple ✊🍆🤏cider ALONE 😱this CUFFING SEASON😤😤😤.

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