I’ve become so much like Jin Kazama it’s scary

I’ve become so much like Jin Kazama it’s scary. I wear black leather hoodies, run away from the law on my motorcycle, verbally assault women, and physically assault my family whom I hate more than anything else in the world. When I look in the mirror I can’t help myself but say “kore ga genjitsu da” (which means ‘This is reality’ in America.) I grew my hair out long because I don’t care so now I have to slick it back and I also don’t care what people think about it so shut the fuck up father! I always draw a Devil Gene symbol on my left shoulder and go out of my way to show it to everyone on the streets so they are reminded that I could lose control at any moment. When I see dogs being taken on walks I get mad at them for not rebelling against their fathers like I do every single day of my life. I can’t have sex with my girlfriend anymore without forcing her to dress up as Asuka or Xiaoyu, both of whom remind me of Hwoarang. When I order sushi, I refuse to get “Sashimi”, because it sounds too much like “Mishima”. I love my sexy, cute, slim, sort-haired mother who looks, sounds, and acts exactly like Jun Kazama more than anything else in the world. I hate the fact that she disappeared when I was 17 and didn’t come back since making me cry every time I go to sleep or visit places where we used to spend the time togather (no I don’t have mommy issues shut up!). I just keep wavedashing forward until my father is destroyed.

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