I’ve recently had my mind broken by a skunk girl.

First off it’s hard to think, my mind gets hazy every now and again but I’m going to try and scrutinize the events that lead me to this sweet bliss.

It was around may 2020, stuck in my college dorm due to the virus being spread. It was one of the hardest times of my life, being stuck inside away from the world locked into a world of 4 walls and depression eating away at every fiber of my being. I had managed to find solice in one thing however, videos of the paranormal. Things like bigfoot hunting and ghost adventures, so it was naturally no surprise that when my roommate Aaron said there were rumors of a “ghost skunk” on campus, I just knew I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to get it on camera. I had went out and bought a new Cannon 1080p camera from Amazon (the coolest feature being it had night vision) and started to write a script. I’ll spare you the boring monologue I had written down. I then spent the next few days interviewing (at a safe distance and masks on) people who have claimed to see this “ghost skunk”

“It comes at night, naked and shrouded in this green haze. The smell alone would drive you away in moments” Daniel Collins stated

“Its not a ghost, just some prank some of the freshmen are pulling with some stupid skunk musk they bought online.” Lucy Peterson proclaimed

“I hear she leads helpless victims into the forest and devours them whole” claimed anon.

The rumors were not very helpful, but they made for some entertaining content. I knew however, that I would get absolutely nowhere by rumors alone. I set up a tent on around the outskirts of campus, almost being stopped by campus police before I lied to them that I had covid and had to stay away from my roommate, They sighed reluctantly but let me stay where i was. A few hour had passed and i had been documenting my stay in the tent when suddenly… the faintest smell of skunk musk was in the air. I hastily grabbed my camera and began to walk the edge of the forest. I followed the smell to the best of my ability and when I went deeper in, I saw a green mist and saw a shadow hiding within it. The scent was so thick now that I had to cover my nose, I closed my eyes for a moment because the mist made them sting and when I opened them back up the figure was gone. The last thing i heard before i blacked out was “a new victim comes into my woods.” I looked behind me and saw a cloud of mist so thick wave in my direction and then darkness. I woke up in the middle of a shallow cave, I could see the outside but that figure was standing in front of the entrance. The green mist surrounding me all I wanted to do was hold my nose but my hands were bound in rope. I had noticed my camera propped up on a rock with the red recording light on. “What’s going on? Who are you! Why are you filming this!” I screamed at the being, but before she replied she stepped closer to me. “I want you to look back at the moment your mind was completely broken” she said to me while coming into view. She was tall, at least 6’3 and covered head to toe in black fur, she fluttered around almost dancing around sizing me up. As she twirld I saw a white stripe leading down the center of her back and up a tail that quickly wrapped around me. “Is this some sick joke, really who are” my sentence was cut off by her tail muffling my mouth. “Save your breath, you’ll need to” she claimed as she let out a quiet fart. The smell was intense, burning rubber and rotting eggs were the closest thing I could compare it too without just saying ‘it smelled like a skunk musk’ I gagged and coughed but she only smile and pushed me to the ground. The smell wouldn’t dissipate, it felt like an hour before she let out another. I squirmed and kicked but it was useless as she dropped her entire weight on me. She wasn’t the biggest but she knew how to keep me down. “I like the way you squirm with my ass on you” she giggled, what a sadistic fucking devil she was. She eventually let up, I got the words out “what do you want me to do so I can leave” she pondered for a moment. Tears were running down my face, when she smirked and said… “eat my ass.” I almost hurled at the request. The thing that had been torturing me for the entire night was now my only way out. I hesitated but reluctantly I started to lick the rim. She started to moan and grinded against my tongue. The smell was foul but her ass was clean, I thanked the heavens for that at least. “In all the way now” she said. I complied shoving my tongue in, I could feel two round bulbs but she moaned for me not to stop. After a moment she said “I’m c c cumming.” My chest was blasted with fluid from her pussy, but it didn’t stop there. The two glands I had been licking released too all in my mouth. I immediately spit it out but I knew my breath would never smell minty fresh again. As promised she got up and untied me, I was a free man. I grabbed my camera and started to leave, but as I looked back at the smiling skunk girl I knew my life had changed forever. I just had to have her again. And that’s when I knew… my mind was completely broken.

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  1. I had been searching and searching for something that would make me happy but as I found something it destroyed me. I had to have it, no matter what. My addiction was growing stronger by the day. So that’s how my life has been since then, I’ve had no choice in doing what I had to do. I didn’t want to do it at first, but my addiction won out. I would be walking through my college campus as well as other parks and local forests and I would see her and I would have to have her. I was losing hope that I would ever feel whole again. I had lost everything, my mind, my body, everything. I was nothing but an empty shell of the man I used to be. I saw her again last night, it was so close to home and I felt helpless to stop myself. She was waiting on the top of a tree in the forest. She was standing straight up with her hands on her hips. I knew there was no way I would be able to reach her with my aching feet.

    And then I saw her hands and feet. The dirt on them were black with blood, she had been swinging from a tree limb with her hands. It was like I was watching a scene out of a horror movie. I knew I couldn’t let her get hurt but I didn’t want to fall. There was a fork in the road. I could go left and be on my way to recovery or I could go right and be the old Scott. My dreams of being rich and famous that I had been living for began to haunt me. I wanted to be rich and famous. I wanted the beautiful girls and all the nice things that I knew would never come to me, but the pull was too strong and I knew that I would be OK if I just took the easy road. That night my dreams of being rich and famous came true.

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