Jarvis, bribe all Stark X flight attendants I flashed my penis to.

Jarvis, bribe all Stark X flight attendants I flashed my penis to. If they do not accept the bribe portray them as the soyjak and me as the CHAD. Send gorelinks to their parents. Engage racism mode. Call Thanos the best slurs in our arsenal on Twitter. Subtweet anyone and call them an NPC if they try to protect that Titan piece of shit. He already has 4 of the 6 infinity journalists under his control, we can’t risk him getting any more liberal. Turn all slur filters off. Kick those racism levels into high gear. Tell Cartoon Network to give me another boring cameo in the next Rick and Morty or I will nuke their offices. Actually, make it two cameoes or I will nuke their families as well.

Jarvis, Fire bomb Steve Rodger’s house. Send him a picture of sad mega mind in the Avenger’s group chat stating “no house????” block anyone that doesn’t laugh at it. Turn RGB on, pulsating pattern. Use my dead mom’s credit card to order an industrial sized bag of gummy worms off Amazon. Fire up discord. Send a “good morning my kitten” to all the women I bought discord nitro for. If they don’t respond engage slut shaming protocols. Send a drunk text to Grimes asking her to help me learn Ableton. It will really be a Trojan horse for me trying to have sex with her again.

Jarvis, Call any article pointing out my violation of labor laws as “liberal propaganda.” Invest my entire fortune into #cumcoin. Buy when its high, and sell during the crash.

AC/DC playlist clean version.

Let’s get these liberals.

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