Jarvis, draw loki as the soy wojak

**Jarvis, Loki has hacked my central mainframe. Looks like he is using the scepter to target my primary PDF host file, and isolate the omega RAM field. He is trying to free my child slaves that are mining cobalt in the congo.** Tch, predictable. If he frees my child slaves then I may have to find an ethical way to source my precious medals. Or find another unethical way, which will take valuable resources. We are running out of time.

**Jarvis, divert all primary energy capacitors to my RGB Corsair Keyboard, stabilize at 85%. Turn all racial slur filters OFF. Turn all genders ON. Set racism levels to maximum.** Log in to Twitter, Madghosts, Facebook, Pinterest, Pornhub… Hell locate every social network Loki is on. Use the remaining 15% energy into researching Ice Giant racial slurs. Get the strongest one we got.

The only one I know is **”Bluebos”** and last time I screamed that at Loki he just laughed. I suspect this may be the softer version of the slur, the o is functioning as an a. Once the strongest Ice Giant slur is isolated blast it on all of Loki’s social media. Then access Wojak Protocals. **Draw Loki as the soyjak, type a block of incoherent text next to him, and draw tears on the soyjak in MSpaint. Draw Iron Man as the CHAD wojak, write the slur for Ice Giants under my wojak and nothing else. Spam this every 15 minutes.**

Jarvis, Blast this to all of his social media as well, and send it to his family… we can’t take any chances. Set notifications to off. Download Rick.and.Morty.S05E02.YIFY and upscale to 1080p, put on my second monitor. **Buy 8,000 doublooms of CUMCOIN, shift it and invest it into DOGSHITCOIN. Name my child after a vacuum cleaner. Run diagnostics on Ice Giant BTFO’D scenario.**

**Turn on AC/DC playlist, clean version.**
**Let’s get this son of bitch.**

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