Java = SATAN’s own programming language made in HELL’S KITCHEN ! ! ! !

Java is EVIL, it’s the work of the devil, made to collect your
souls and to turn you into brainless slaves of hell.

If you like Java, you will lose your soul to be damned
for eternal torment in hell.Demons and devils will feast on your soul
for all eternity.

So stop programming with this satanic language now to save your soul.

Or the holy inquisition will come for you and burn your flesh to save
your soul, because the devil must not collect more souls or nobody can
prevent Armageddon.

Java is evil, programming with Java is BLASPHEMY , only heretics and
witches like Java.And heretics and witches shall BURN !!!

Java = SATAN’s own programming language made in HELL’S KITCHEN ! ! ! !

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  1. Java Moby is the job of the devil
    It turns into hell without wind and hell.

    If you love Java, you will lose your life and curse
    For pain that continues in hell. Monster and Fiesta Monster

    Therefore, stop using the devil’s plan to maintain your soul.

    In addition, the sacred religious judge will burn your meat and save you
    Because the devil shouldn’t gather more life, no one can do your soul.
    Avoid the end of the world.

    The use of programs including Java and Java is inconsistent
    Java, anti -religious and magic magic! Short form

    Java = Kitchen’s official language! record! record! record!

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