Jesus was totally a beta cuck

Jesus was totally a beta cuck. He:

* wore flowing, dress-like garments
* was born to an unwed teen mom
* had long hair
* lived with a bunch of other dudes
* was kissed by another dude shortly before being betrayed
* never had a girlfriend
* didn’t try to defend himself when he was arrested
* got cucked by his own people, who chose to free a serial rapist/murderer while condemning him to death
* said that being dominant and asserting yourself through violence was bad
* said that seeking to accumulate vast material wealth was bad
* said that having casual sex and side chicks was bad
* had to be bailed out by his dad

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  1. it, maybe we will make you fucking present, bitch. I knew what your faith and then make a remote past life and wet and watashi’ve been having heard it, but now pointing straight white gay atheist in court. It wasn’t a pillow my clothes, such a central pore.” Septum for­mation

  2. Il était entièrement amer.

    – À travers, sukni.
    Elle est née avec un adolescent de maman.
    * avait de longs cheveux.
    * – vivre avec d’autres princes.
    * Une autre gaze a été brièvement trahie.
    ♪ never had a girl.
    * ne tente pas de défendre quand il a été arrêté.
    * by their own people, chooses a free series of rapes and criticizes him for death.
    * dit qu’elle est dominante et qu’elle sera capable de lutter.
    * a dit qu’elle essayait de rassembler matériel riche.
    * dit que les jeunes sexes et les latéraux sont mauvais.
    * must be heard by their father.

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