JFK is by far the most egregious example of wasted potential I’ve ever seen.

Let’s rewind a bit. World War I and II come and go, and it’s all the most complex and nuanced period yet, and nobody thinks they could ever be topped. After some time, the Cold War starts, and suddenly everything gets interesting again while simultaneously going in a new direction.

Ideological alliances, proxy wars, intelligence agencies, and politics unlike anything we’ve seen before, all of it together manages to create one of the greatest settings ever. In my opinion, the intrigue at this point outclasses anything else I’ve seen.

In the middle of all this, here he comes: John F. Kennedy. He’s a fresh face that establishes himself as something different from the very beginning. He’s Catholic, young, charismatic, and most importantly, heading in a new direction. He gets elected, and rightly so.

He stand firm against the USSR while also being open to diplomacy whenever he can; he calls upon the people to do their duty and make the country better; and he makes all the right decisions, even if nobody else thinks so at the time. Overall, JFK can make people can get behind him without issue, which is a trait that I think was lacking since World War II ended.

Then, there was his trip to Dallas. Here he was, at his peak, and he just gets assassinated? No buildup, foreshadowing, or anything. One moment he’s fine, the next he’s dead. What the fuck?

Now, this was a huge problem for several reasons. Firstly, like I just said, there was no buildup up to this otherwise climactic moment. His death was for shock value at best. Secondly, he was nowhere near a satisfying conclusion to his character arc. He’s not even in his last year in office, and there was still so much left for him to do. Now everything he did up to this point means nothing.

Furthermore, another problem I don’t think nearly enough people talk about was how the narrative just moved on without a second thought. Oh, they find the one guy who did it and that’s that? And he wasn’t even Russian, or Cuban. Also, the most powerful man in the world is killed, and they just stopped at one man? Fans have theorized for decades at this point that something else was going on, and never once was it ever addressed.

“A second shooter on the grassy knoll?” No, of course not.

“The CIA did it because he hated them?” Don’t be silly.

Fuck off.

Compounding this was his own vice president just swearing into office practically immediately, and he didn’t seem to care. It was just another day at the Oval Office. Honestly, what kind of character writing is that? Absolutely piss-poor effort.

At the end of the day, I know this is long past us, but it irks me to no end that we just took this as it was and hardly said anything. JFK could have been one of my favorites, and everyone else’s, but they just had to drop the ball so hard you’d think it was lead. Ho-lee shit, there was so much wasted potential.

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  1. JFK is a clear example of lost opportunities.

    Now I was retiring from World War I and World War II had reached its climax. After a while, the War of Words started, all of a sudden everything was fine, and everything went wrong.

    Wise, hard-fought, intelligent and politically successful people can all succeed. The mystery seems to go beyond what I thought.

    Meanwhile, John F. Kennedy came. He looked at people because of his beautiful face. He was a Catholic, a lovely young man, mostly young. Well selected and fully enhanced.

    When that relationship was formed, war broke out between the Soviet Union and the United States. I will take responsibility for national development and political affairs. No one thinks, he will make the right choice. In general, JFK has not been heard by humans since the end of World War II.

    Then I went to Dallas. Were you promoted or disciplined? Whether I work or not, this is the time when I got sick and died. netişt

    Well, for a variety of reasons, this is a big problem. First, as I said, there is no such thing right now. Her death was a tragedy. Second, he made a good choice about his personality. Last year this was not the case. Everything he did now was not in vain.

    People think this story is amazing. And am I going to see them? Neither Russia nor Cuba. Will the most powerful man on earth die, or will one person die? Now, viewers have been talking about the “incomplete” show for years.

    – Is there another shoot in the garden? False hair?

    “What does the CIA hate and what does it do?” Do not worry.

    you know

    Immediately the vice president took the oath and expressed his concern. Tomorrow in the Oval office. Who is this person? Performance capacity.

    I know it’s over, but I don’t know. JFK is very popular and anyone can enjoy it, but it really is the first one. Unfortunately, Ho Liu forgot. Berdeste

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