JO crystal brothers

Can confirm. I and my fellow JO crystal brothers try to get together for an annual jo session every week. As per tradition and strict rule we abstain from masturbation until our group gathering so as to retain and release a much greater vast of energy when we all climax. We’ve all been told when we first entered the pact about this rule specifically and that the punishment for breaking said rule would be worse than just a permanent ban from the group. Well David, one of my brothers and a good friend who I introduced to the group wanted to join because he thought it was merely a means to some “Fetish” and never really took the group too seriously. That being said I didn’t realize at the time how lightly he was taking the pacts rules let alone that he was going to outright break them. Tony, the leader of the group caught him with pornography on his phone when he accidentally shared some texts over the phone. This lead Tony to believe that David had broken the very strict rule about masturbating outside of the weekly circle. David was called out at the next meeting for Tony’s suspicions and without realizing the severity of the situation he jokingly replied that he “beats his meat like it owes him money.” All of us we’re already undressed and ready to start the jo session but the mood had now turned sour and tension rose in the air. Right there in that moment without any hesitation Tony tackled him to the ground and proceeded to bite his dick off. We all watched in shock as it happened and none of us dared move until he had finished. David was laying on the ground howling in pain with his dick tossed on the floor next to him. Tony stood up and gathered us all in our usual huddled jo circle then reassured us that we were all fine as long as we abide by the rules. Tony then proceeded the session by forcing us to jo while listening to the sounds of David crying for help on the ground. I think at first we were all shook with fear as we looked into each other’s eye but then something happened. I think we all started to feel the same sudden burst of adrenaline from that shock we just went through. We all finished at almost the exact time and it was probably the best jo session I had ever had. I felt new. The crystals dangling on our necks felt more powerful than I had ever felt before. Honestly one of the most exciting moments of my life that I will never forget.

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